Frequently Asked Questions


What is this place?

CK is a one of a kind musical collective; a supportive community of musicians, producers, DJs and music lovers of all kinds that come together to help each other get their music heard.

How do I use it?

Check out the Help button in chat for a quick how to tutorial, but the concept is simple: make detailed, constructive comments to build up points/luck, and receive tons of feedback and love in return.

How do I add my track to the queue?

Click the "Add or Change track" button in the user menu to activate a track.

Why isn't my track showing up in "Add or Change track"?

In order for tracks to show up here, they must be Public, with all widgets enabled. Make sure the track is not on 'Quiet Mode' or set to 'Private'.

When will my track get heard?

Your track enters the queue the moment you activate it. Points and luck must be earned for it to climb above the other tracks in the queue. Most users see the start of steady feedback around 100 points, and beat the highest luck holder on site to receive bonus feedback while they build up their points.

Why am I hearing the same tracks over and over?

A track will stay with you until you comment on it, or skip it at a cost of points. The 'Next Track' button keeps the track in rotation, while the 'Skip' button permanantly removes it from your queue.

Can I only listen to one genre?

There is no genre selection on site

What is the difference between points and luck?

Luck is just a freebie the site gives you for actively commenting. Points consistently keep your track close to the front of the queue. If CK is your job, luck are the donuts your boss brings in to help moitivate you to work. Points are your paycheck. You will always receive more feedback from your earned paycheck than from your donuts.

Why isn't my luck increasing?

You must have a luck track activated in order for your luck to accumulate. Therefore, if your luck is not increasing, check the 'Add or Change track' area under the User Menu to make sure you have an activated track.

What does it mean to be "PRO" here?

Members with PRO acounts can promote multiple tracks, bank points, add points to specific tracks for increased promotion, and check site and account statistics. The cost to skip tracks is also decreased. PRO accounts can be EARNED by consistently leaving awesome feedback, FOUND in system rewards, WON by playing the games in chat or on the CK FB page, or PURCHASED in the CK Shop.

What is a "spam" comment?

The system recognizes spam comments to be those that are too short, generic, negative, repetitive, self promoting or otherwise useless.

What is considered a "too short" comment?

Comments need to be at least 2 full detailed, constructive sentences so the system can tell that the commenter actually listened to the track.

How do I report abuse?

Users can contact moderator via private message on Soundcloud or the CK Facebook page. They can also email CK support at

What can get me banned?

Repeated violation of site rules including, but not limited to:
  • Deleting comments you have made
  • Being disrespectful in chat/comments
  • Too many system holds

How do I get the most out of this site?

CK favors those who come here often and are both active commenters and chatters. The more social you are in chat, the better chance you have of a user checking out your SC before it reaches the top of a queue. Be kind and constructive in your feedback and users will reciprocate.

How do I become a Moderator?

Users who best exhibit the high commenting and community standards we expect here at CK are eligible for modship. Come here often, be helpful in chat and make stellar comments to earn your moderator stripes!